What You Need To Do BEFORE Getting A Website Built

Hi, My name is Dave Ashe and i’m going to tell you all about what you should do before getting a website designed.

First, you need to figure out how you are going to get people coming to your website!

If you don’t, then your website will sit there without anyone ever seeing it.

What are your customers searching for in the search engines?

This is first question I ask before doing any website.

In most cases, what happens is a website is thrown up then they work out that no-one is coming to it.

The result? A total waste of money.

Usually, what happens next is crazy…

They get another website designed, still with the same problem!

With no plan of:

  1. How they are going to get visitors from the search engines.
  2. What action they want to happen on their website (ie. a logical flow – grab attention, build trust, provide enough information then tell them to contact you!)
  3. And no actual way of measuring how effective their website is, and optimising it further over time

Here’s where I come in..

I can save you a LOT of money since I can get your website designed:

  1. That will get you more and more visitors over time from the search engines
  2. With a great content management system you can use to update your website yourself whenever you want
  3. With the latest internet marketing tricks to make your website SELL!

So, if you are interested in our all-in-one web presence package, the next step would be to send me a message and set up time to have a quick chat about what I can do for you.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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