How To Use Twitter To Get Prospective Customers Easily.

How To Use Twitter To Get Prospective Customers Easily.

By using twitter, you can build a great social presence online as it is 11th most visited website in the world (according to alexa).

You can communicate with the millions of people on twitter easily just by searching for people that actively are looking for solutions to a problem you can solve. You can communicate with prospective customers and build a list of followers that you can send messages to en-masse.

If you don’t use twitter, you will be left behind in the dust as more and more people and businesses use and sign up for twitter accounts.  People that tend to use twitter are more web-savvy as well, and spend more money online than the average person who uses Facebook.

Twitter is a simple social networking site based on 140-character messages called ‘tweets’.

You can follow people and people can choose to follow you.  For people that you follow, as twitter is based on a timeline you can see the latest messages posted by these people, as well as replies from anyone who replied to your tweets.

To get started, first of all, sign up for an account – its really easy, just fill in your full name, username, password and email on this page: https://twitter.com/signup – be sure to pick a good username as this is what your public address is shown as ie a username of myusername would show as http://twitter.com/myusername).

If you can get the keywords within your niche as a username, register this name as people searching google for those keywords will usually find your twitter account within the search results.  Otherwise, you can register your company name or personal name – there is no limit to the number of accounts you can register – I have about a dozen twitter accounts for different websites and niches so don’t be afraid to do this, and actually I recommend it – sign up for a personal one and a business one.

If you have different products, creating a twitter account for each of them can be a great idea if you can use keywords related to each of those products within your username. An example of this would be http://twitter.com/seoservicesinscotland for keywords “seo services in scotland.”

Now, once you have signed up for your twitter account, now go to the twitter search at http://search.twitter.com/ and search for a topic related to your product.  Now this is where the power is within twitter – you will see who has mentioned that particular topic.

You can gauge how popular your topic is by looking at how quickly the results are updated, if it is every few seconds then it is really popular, otherwise if you see a topic every day or so then its not that popular but you can still follow-up and reply to each of those messages with a kind message about how this product will help you in such and such a way with a link back to your website.

Once you get replies within your timeline you can then reply to those and keep the conversation going, it is important that you keep everything as natural as possible so do follow-up and follow those who you send messages to as these are important potential customers – you want to see what else they may be interested in that is related – you might even begin to build a profile of your potential customers and get to know them better.

Re-Tweeting is just saying that you found this snippet useful and want to tell everyone on your followers list about it.  Both replying and retweeting is easy, just press the link next to each post which says retweet or reply, enter your text (for reply only) and hit the Tweet button.

One other thing you should know about twitter is this: because your messages have a maximum of 140 characters, you should use a url shortening tool which turns a very long link address to a short one.

One service you can sign up for is http://bit.ly/ which is recommended by twitter.com – it even tracks how many clicksthroughs you have recieved for each of your shortened links.

Bit.ly is simple to use, once you sign up at http://bit.ly/a/sign_up (enter username, email and password then hit sign up)

Then enter your link into the textarea within bitly, then press the enter key, it will then automatically convert your link to one which is shorter for example: http://bit.ly/bEmOwV

Paste this in with your message on twitter for example:

Hey @username, I know you are looking for X widget so check out our website here as we luckily have some in stock: http://bit.ly/bEmOwV

One other thing: the more people that you follow within your niche, the more people that will end up finding you and following you.

Also, twitter is not all about self-promotion – you want to provide some useful content and interesting information as well as get involved in conversations.  Just posting some messages and hoping someone will find you isn’t really going to work, you need to get active and post a few messages every day – I would say that 20% promotion to normal everyday ‘tweets’ is acceptable.

So Get Tweeting, Don’t Wait!


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