How To SLICE Your Competition Using POWERFUL Words and Phrases!

How To SLICE Your Competition Using POWERFUL Words and Phrases!

If you want to overtake your competition, you must understand that you and your competition are BOTH doing something TOTALLY wrong.

Who am I speaking to?

Yes – YOU! I’m speaking to you – And you are speaking to your customer.

That is why you must understand who your customer is.

If you are speaking to the wrong person then you loose business, its simple as that!

I’ve seen nurseries that sell to children rather than parents! – The purchaser is the parent, not the child.

I’ve seen family cars being sold like they are elite sports cars!  Instead of talking about the safety features that most parents will be concerned about.

I’ve also seen people talk about how great their company is and how great they are when all the customer is looking for is a solution to their problems.

This is only one mistake that many, many companies make.

Another is the website isn’t selling our product well, so what do some companies do?

Improve the website by testing different copy to see what works best?  NO!

Most companies get a new website designed with almost exactly the same text!

What people fail to understand that it is the information that people want, the look and feel of the website is important but secondary to what is written.

They want to be excited about your product and want to buy a solution to their problem!

And words are your weapons..

But not all words are not equal.. SLICE for instance has a reaction, do you feel it?

Those are called power words

New, Powerful, Revolutionary, Explode, Multiply, Destroy, Ignite and so many more emotional gut-wrenching words that are the tools of the copywriter.

What is a copywriter?

Well, someone who writes copy – But not just any copy..

A copywriter is like a salesman on paper – persuasive and charming but gets straight to the point and doesn’t pull any punches.

Copywriters are artists and sculptors of words, phrases, bold, underline and italics to make the point stand out in place of you picking up the phone to sell your product or service.

Doing this correctly takes time and patience, as well as practice to get right if you want to do this yourself.

If you want to make more sales online you must use persuasive copywriting to be effective.

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